Medication Forms

At APS Pharmacy, our pharmacists are experts at compounding Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) into patient-specific compounds. In addition to customized strengths or doses, our APIs can also be compounded into several forms, including:

Oral Formulations

We can compound several kinds of oral formulations, depending on the type of medication, the preferred speed of absorption, and other requirements.

Sterile Injectables

Our injectable medications are produced with the highest standards of quality, purity and sterility. Many of our medications are offered as injectables, including Tri-Mix, methionine/inositol/choline (MIC) combinations, vitamin D, Co-Q10, and testosterone/anastrozole.


can be compounded in a large variety of doses and are easy for most patients to take. A wide range of our medications are offered in capsules.

FASTSL - Sublingual tablets

are placed under the tongue to dissolve. They offer patients faster absorption, with the medication being absorbed into the bloodstream directly through the lining of the mouth. They are also scored, which allows for easy dose titration.

Prefilled Syringes

For some of our hormone cream compounds we can provide the medication in a prefilled syringe, which makes application easier and safer for you and your patient.


dissolve between the cheek and the gum, allowing the medication to bypass the digestive process and absorb directly into the bloodstream.

Depending on the medication and its uses, other dosage forms may be available, including creams, gels, sprays, suppositories, and foams. Contact a pharmacist today to discuss options for your patients.

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