Whether your patients are suffering from hair loss or a skin condition—or they just want to improve their appearance—dermatology medications can be beneficial tools to add to their skincare and haircare regimen. At APS Pharmacy, we offer a variety of compounded medications to help you meet your patients’ dermatological needs.  

Therapeutic dermatology can help your patients with a wide range of problems, from skin issues like treating acne, reducing melasma pigmentation, and increasing the production of collagen to hair issues like promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss for men and women. There are also facial treatments to improve the skin’s moisture and firmness, even out skin tone, and more.

With your understanding of your patients and their various dermatological needs, you can recommend a medical dermatology program that’s best suited for each individual patient. And of course, our pharmacist team is always happy to answer any questions you or your patient might have.

At APS Pharmacy, our pharmacists are experts at compounding Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) into patient-specific compounds that may be used to help with a wide variety of dermatologic treatments. Among some of the APIs we compound with are: benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, hydroquinone, tretinoin, minoxidil, biotin, finasteride, spironolactone and many more. Our APIs can be compounded into several dosage forms, including creams, gels, serums, capsules, tablets, sprays, and foams. Contact a pharmacist today to discuss options for your patients.

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